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The Strongest God King

In this era, cultivators gather in a world filled with aura. After being reborn, Wu Fu, a young man, calmly sets out on a new journey to regain his former…

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I have a Million Skill Points

Who says that being chosen by the system means you have to work hard and serve it? For Su Chen, it’s impossible to work for the system in this life…

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The Strongest Abandoned Son

Shenyao Gate of Lueyou Continent was the place where YeMo and LuoYing was originally belong to. After sometime in future which was Destroyed after sometime by their Enemy’s Forces, then…

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One Hundred Thousand Years of Qi Refining

The Tianlan Sect once ruled the cultivation world 100,000 years ago, and its disciples were known for their arrogance and invincibility. However, the founder of the mountain and only Qi…

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God Level Upgrade System Season 2

As long as I go up another ten Levels i will be able to unlock the Gene lock Again, then i will be able to destroy this Planet and, Then…

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My Girlfriend is from the Heaven

In the world of modern cultivation, deceit and the law of the jungle reign supreme, leaving everyone in a constant state of danger. After saving a young girl who practices…

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Xuantian Supreme

Carrying the illustration of a myriad of beasts, Qin Yu has returned from a distant era. With a mere gesture, he can calm the rivers and mountains, and with a…

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Being a Teacher is Invincible in World

White Jade travels to a fantasy world and becomes the leader of the Nine Sects’ White Jade Sect. Upon awakening, she learns that her sect is on the brink of…

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Eighty thousand Years Of Rebirth

A Generation of Strong Emperor died by the Hands of a Villain and fell Unexpectedly after when he wakes up he sees that 80,000 years had passed. Everything has Changed…

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